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Skills Development and Training

Accreditation and equipping of training institutions

Provision of Specialised Advisory Services


To be a leading professional service provider In the areas of skills development, accreditation of education and training providers, and specialist advisory services to organizations


Our mission is to listen carefully to our clients then provide tailor-made skills development, training management solutions and specialist consulting to our clients. We understand that whilst there are industry standards, best practice, and benchmarks, we strongly believe that our innovative services will provide our clients with solutions that make them unique and stand out from the rest.

At Jamela Resources Consulting, we are committed to offering our clients solutions that will give them the competitive edge whilst ensuring optimal utilization of resources


We serve Outcome Based Education and Training to the people of South Africa
We aim at the advancement of knowledge through teaching, research and close alignment with commerce and industry.
We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations and service delivery through the application of world-class solutions and techniques
• We strive to produce skilled and competent learners through accredited professional courses
We will continue our efforts to upgrade the quality of academic, professional  and administrative staff through focused talent acquisition and development

• Our close relationships with the SETAs and ETQAs will ensure that we will be up-to-date with the latest developments in policy and documentation 
We will ensure that our clients and partners continue to meet the high standards set by the ETQAs
We will help our clients to implement systems, processes and procedures that help them achieve their organizational goals
We will help our clients to understand and serve their customers (students and delegates) more effectively

• Our consultants have best-of-breed industry knowledge and experience. They will hand-hold our clients and partners through the whole transition process.
• We will apply international best practice in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management models to reduce the risk of failure.
• We will embed our frameworks into business-as-usual to ensure that Change Sticks.

Jamela derived from Zulu word “UKUJAMA” means UPRIGHT and STAND YOUR GROUND. This is the power we will unleash in each individual so that each person can attain their highest purpose and fullest potential. We will also unleash this within organisations to ensure that innovative and transformational change is achieved as the  organisations prepare to face the challenges of the future with “UKUJAMA

Our values are

  •    Professionalism and Excellence
  •    Shared ideas and solutions
  •    Innovation balanced with Pragmatism
  •    Reliability
  •    Integrity
  •    Honesty


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