Course Objectives

This course ensures that Shop Stewards acquire the critical competencies to work between the workforce and management in monitoring fair treatment, and building sound working relations for all parties

Leadership expertise is the single most important factor in the advancement and success of your management career. This course will ensure that you take your personal leadership style and competencies to new levels of success.

The course is designed for managers who wish to find their own voice and deepen their management and leadership expertise.

Course Outcomes

  • Accounts payable is not just processing Cheques, mailing them and then filing the backup
  • To  truly  and  effectively manage      accounts payable, one must understand        the  AP department’s    building blocks including, but not limited to
    • customer service,
    • vendor management,
    • check requests and
    • Purchase Orders (POs).
  • This course will  discuss   how   to
    • handle invoices,
    • process cheques,
    • prevent errors,
    • conduct annual audits, and
    • use technology in the department
  • You will also learn the best practices to adopt in your AP department and how to develop your department into an effective business partner

Course Modules


The Importance of Accounts Payable in an Organisation

  • Why accounts payable is a crucial job in any Organisation
  • Authority and responsibility: Who has it, who wants it, and who needs it
  • Critical success elements of highly effective AP pros How does your organisation’s AP stack up
  • A review of critical processes and procedures
  • Organising and Managing Your Enormous Workload
  • The essentials of managing mountains of invoices
  • Techniques for streamlining your payment process
  • Strategies for catching mistakes when you’re overloaded
  • Setting up vendor files –– the easy way!
  • How do invoices flow through your organisation?
  • Spotting bottlenecks and problems you can’t risk
  • Questions every AP professional must ask about each invoice
  • Learn the secrets of “matching” your bills
  • Is your AP computer software working hard for you, or against you?
  • What to look for in a good system
Save Time with These Super Shortcuts

  • Habits of today’s most effective AP professionals
  • Tracking tips that ensure you’ve received what you’re paying for built-in safety nets to guarantee no invoices fall through the cracks
  • Techniques to make sure suppliers receive your Cheques on time and every time
  • How to maintain current and accurate payment records without jumping through unnecessary hoops
  • Simple ways to stay on top of varying billing cycles

Essential Controls to Implement NOW!

  •  A review of your organization’s controls how do you stack up today?
  • When is withholding payment permissible?
  • Setting up vendor number controls and receiver controls
  • A fail-safe system that eliminates duplicate payments
  • What to do when glitches in your system interfere with prompt invoice payment
  • Attributing the expense to the right account your role in ensuring accurate business records
  • What you can personally do to control information flow
  • Red flags that let you know you’ve received an invoice late… and what to do about it
  • How to spot … and stop! … expense account padding
Zapping Time-Wasters and Tapping into Money-Savers

  • When to cash in on discounts for early payment and when a supposedly “good” deal is no deal at all!
  • Top reasons why manual Cheques must be minimized
  • Processing purchase orders and invoices the fast and efficient way
  • Negotiate your way out of paying late fees
  • What government regulations might be relevant to your bills
  • The top costly errors in AP- and how to avoid them
The “People Factor”     How to Get What You Need, When You Need It

  • Getting approvals and authorisations without getting headaches
  • Secrets to getting others to give you all the information you need right up front
  • Reasons to get along with the purchasing agent (even if you’d really rather not!)
  • The most important rule in vendor/supplier relationships
  • The basics of maintaining lines of credit with vendors
  • Keeping a lid on the petty cash situation
  • How to negotiate great payment terms
Organized, Complete and Accessible Files and Records

  • Keeping confidential information truly confidential
  • Making your files accessible without allowing others to mess them up
  • Secrets to setting up files that will hold up under any scrutiny
  • Update on current government requirements regarding how you should handle certain payments
  • Advance planning strategies that guarantee you’ll shine through any audit
  • Vendor information you’d be required to have should a dispute end up in court
  • Are you audit ready? How to know for sure
  • Year-end reporting





What’s on the Horizon for AP?

  • Projections regarding procurement, credit/debit cards, the internet and computer based receiving
  • Self development and professional development tactics for savvy AP pros
  • An eye opening discussion on the business needs of the future and where today’s trend and tendencies are leading us

Effective Petty Cash Management

  • Designing effective procedures for petty cash management
  • Designing and adoptng a petty cash management policy
  • Capturing of petty cash transactions
  • Accounting for petty cash transactions
  • Process flow diagrams for petty cash
  • Effective internal controls for effectual petty cash management
  • Managing petty cash in compliance with audit requirements Accounts payable managers


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